Alex Watts

  • Undergraduate Student (Neuroscience)


Mackay, H, Charbonneau, VR, St. Onge, V, Murray, E, Watts, A, Wellman, MK, & Abizaid, A. (2016). Rats with a ghrelin receptor (GHSR) null mutation do not respond to ghrelin, and show reduced intake of palatable, high-calorie food. Manuscript accepted, Physiology and Behavior, DOI: 10.1016/j.physbeh.2016.04.048

St-Onge, V, Watts, A, and Abizaid, A. (2016). Ghrelin enhances cue-induced bar pressing for high fat food. Hormones and behavior 78, 141-149.

King, SJ, Rodrigues, T, Watts, A, Murray, E, and Abizaid, A. (2016) Investigation of a Role for Ghrelin Signaling in Binge-Like Feeding in Mice Under Limited Access to High-Fat Diet. Neuroscience.