Zack Patterson: CFO of CHANCE Foundation

Zack Patterson, PhD student, is the Chief Financial Officer of the CHANCE Foundation, an Ottawa-based foundation that raises money for needy children. In 2008, the foundation donated $250,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies to the Oscar Jand Hospital in San Cristobal, Ecuador. In 2009 CHANCE joined forces with SandBox Inc. to aid impoverished children in Nicaragua through education. CHANCE is now working with the Max Keeping Foundation to help build a park for children in a lower-income area of Ottawa to encourage recreation and activity such as soccer, hockey, gymnastics, and more.

“CHANCE Foundation envision’s a world where ALL children have access to regular visits with a doctor, the opportunity to use their education to make a living, and the chance to play and be a kid. To realize this dream, our projects focus on three pillars which we believe are essential to child welfare; (1) health, (2) education, and (3) recreation.”