Society for Neuroscience, Ottawa Chapter

The Abizoids have a long history with the young Ottawa Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience. In the 2010-2011 year of the society, Rim Khazall acted as treasurer, Zack Patterson was the public relations representative, and Alfonso Abizaid was the Carleton University faculty representative. Martin Wellman stepped in for journal club, famous for providing free pizza. For this academic year, Zack has stepped up as both president and treasurer, with Harry MacKay providing the sounds, light, and glitter in the new coveted position of audio visual coordinator. Helping organize all materials, including obtaining and fixing the calf brains for high school demonstrations and getting pamphlets and t-shirts ready is Trevor Rodrigues. In 2008, Martin created the society’s website, and remains as WebMaster up to today. In addition to this, the majority of journal clubs in the past two years have been presented by fellow Abizoids, including Zack, Harry, Rim, and Martin.