Rim Khazall: Science Chair for CU-WISE


Rim Khazall is the Science Chair for the Carleton University Women in Science and Engineering (CU-WISE) student chapter and the Carleton University Representative for WISE the Ottawa Chapter. Rim has been a member of CU-WISE since 2008 and an executive since 2009. Her primary duties, among others, include, seeking outreach opportunities for Carleton University students within the community, seeking & maintaining connections within the Science community, bridging Carleton University with the greater Ottawa Science Community, seeking collaborations with community members, School Boards, social venues, teachers & students. If you see a CU-WISE event on campus or somewhere out in the community, Rim is most likely involved in some way, either in the background doing the dirty work, or in the foreground doing her stuff.

“CU-WISE is built on the philosophy of support, team work, respect and creativity that will help women pursue a career in science and/or engineering. I come from a background where gender is not an issue when choosing such careers and therefore strive to find different ways to engage both current and future students.”

– Rim Khazall