Rim Khazall: Drop-In Extraordinaire

In the lab Rim is known as the one out in the community, helping where help is needed, which includes keeping a steady flow of income to the Bank Street cupcake businesses. But more importantly Rim acts as both a Senior Youth Worker and an Outreach Youth Councillor for different Community Health Centers, where she runs Drop In programs, Health & Fitness programs, Leadership camps and a mean game of American football. She’s been doing this for quite some time–before most people in the lab even knew her. Working with youth ranging from “at-risk” to “preppy” to “troubled” to “immigrant”, she acts as an excellent example that scientists don’t just do science.

“The potential for Canadian youth is outstanding. My job is to help them uncover their strengths and potential by providing a safe, nurturing, fun, slightly off center, environment where they can explore their personalities and the wide variety resources available to them.”

– Rim Khazall