Three years of the brain & mental health art show in Ottawa: Carleton University’s Brain Awareness Week

H. A. MacKay, V. St-Onge, R. Gabrys, R. Mcquaid, O. Mcinnis, N. Rustom, S. Hudson, L. Friberg, S. King Johnson, B. Wartman, T. Parno, S. Syed, K. Farmer, C. Rudyk, C. Smith, M. Wellman, A. Abizaid

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This year marked the third annual edition of the “Brain and Mental Health Art Show”. A continuing and growing success, this show is hosted at a trendy downtown coffee shop, and saw submissions from students at all levels from elementary school to graduate school, professors and medical doctors, and members of the community. Roughly 200 people attended the opening exhibition, and our silent auction of donated art pieces raised $2900 for Ancoura, a local charity that provides low-cost community housing for individuals with mental illnesses. By bringing people from a diverse variety of backgrounds together, this event did a great deal to stimulate discussion and raise awareness about issues related to the brain and mental health. We also continued our successful Brain Awareness Week campaign, with over 60 volunteer presenters reaching approximately 3000 elementary and high school students in the Ottawa region. We also hosted the third annual Ottawa Brain Bee, bringing together 12 students from local high schools for a brain trivia competition. Over the course of our many successful events, our primary goal has been to bring the research community and the public sector together, thereby raising awareness about neuroscience research, mental health, and the beauty that we see in the brain.