Stress Mediated Ghrelin Secretion Increases Caloric Intake and Weight Gain

T.M. Rodrigues, Z.R. Patterson, A. Abizaid

Location: Hall F-J
Presentation Time: Sunday, Oct 14, 2012, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
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Ghrelin is a hormone produced by the stomach that is associated with increased caloric intake and weight gain. Interes’ngly, ghrelin is also elevated following an acute stressor and chronic exposure to psychogenic stressors. Con’nuous exposure to stressors has been also associated with metabolic disturbances that lead to imbalances in body weight and energy homeostasis. Here we hypothesized that stress induced altera’ons in food intake and body weight in mice would be associated with higher plasma levels of ac’ve ghrelin. Three experiments were conducted in order to test this theory. A social defeat paradigm was implemented in each experiment as a constant stressor to observe how caloric intake and ghrelin secre’on were effected.