Brainophilia: Society for Neuroscience Ottawa Chapter

S. Hanea, Z.R. Patterson, F. Al-Yawer, V. Charbonneau, P. Davis-MacNevin, R.L. Gabrys, J.W. Howell, S.J. King, H.A. MacKay, T. Rodrigues, C. Rudyk, N.Y. Rustom, C.A. Smith, V. St-Onge, B.C. Wartman, M.K. Wellman, C. Messier, A. Abizaid

Location: Hall F-J
Presentation Time: Sunday, Oct 14, 2012, 11:00 AM -12:00 PM
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During the 2011-2012 academic year, the Society for Neuroscience Ottawa Chapter hosted a series of multifaceted and dynamic events aimed at enhancing neuroscience awareness in the community. In the fall, as part of Neuroscience Recruitment Week, university students gave presentations about the study of neuroscience to grade 11 and 12 high school students. The Ottawa Chapter also hosted a series of journal clubs and research talks led by volunteer graduate students. In March 2012, during Brain Awareness Week (BAW), interactive presentations about the nervous system were delivered at local elementary schools and high schools. Moreover, members of the community had a chance to express their own views of the brain and mental health, through art, at the first annual Brain and Mental Health Art Competition which was held at Grounded Kitchen and Coffeehouse. Almost 40 art pieces, showcasing the artistic talents of students, researchers, medical professionals, and members of the community, were on display at the vernissage. Through a silent auction, money was raised and donated to the Do It For Daron Foundation, a local charity that promotes awareness about youth mental health and funds research in this field. Also as part of BAW, a public lecture on the computational brain was given by Dr. Charles Peck, manager of Biometaphorical Computing Research at IBM. In April, the 2012 Ottawa Brain Bee was held at Carleton University for the first time. Ten students from six local high schools participated in this neuroscience competition. The winner represented Ottawa at the Canadian National Brain Bee at McMaster University. Through thought-provoking talks, insightful and inspirational artworks, and brain-testing trivia questions, we have sought to spark interest and initiate conversation about the brain, mental health, and neuroscience research within our community. We are looking forward to expanding our outreach efforts and the scope of our impact in the upcoming year.